Beach 19, discover yourself

The perfect place for the privacy of a sunny day and nudism although a few steps away is the neighboring beach Fonte da Telha, which has some cafes and bars.


Located between the famous Bela Vista and Praia Fonte da Telha beaches in Costa da Caparica, this huge stretch of sandy coastline is widely considered to be a paradise for beach and naturalism lovers.


The name of this beach is due to a miniature train known as „Transpraia“ that runs from the city in the extreme north to Fonte da Telha, about 10 km south. having a total of 21 stops along the way of which beach 19 is stop 19.


Originally it can be said that it is one of the few official naturist beaches in Portugal. However, over time the beach has remained a nudist beach but has become almost exclusively gay.


The bottom of this beach is the Paisagem Protegida da Arriba Fóssil nature reserve. It begins with an area of ​​grassy sand dunes that goes up to the high sandstone cliffs and forests beyond.