Bridge April 25

Famous for being the oldest suspension bridge in Lisbon and one of the two that crosses over the Tagus. You can say the busiest.

It works as a highway and as a railway bridge on the Fertagus line, linking Alcántara with Almada, where the figure of Cristo Rei stands.

The bridge has a total length of 2,277 meters. The support towers are 190.50 meters high above the river level. Until 1998 it was considered the longest suspension bridge in Europe. being overcome by the Great Belt Bridge, in Denmark, with 2,694 meters.

The most impressive thing is that it was designed by the Steinman, Boynton, Gronquist & Birdsall studio, and built between 1962 and 1966 by the American Bridge Company, which thanks to its resemblance to the Golden Gate in San Francisco, makes it frequently compared to this. It should be noted that both were built by the same company.

When it was inaugurated in 1966, it received the name of Puente Salazar, for having been built by the head of the Government of Portugal, António de Oliveira Salazar. However, it was during the famous Carnation Revolution of 1974 that it received the name by which we now know it.